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Hiring a cocktail bartender

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“So how does hiring a cocktail bartender work then?”. A common question for the Bartenders Inc office staff. If you are looking to book a cocktail bartender the process breaks down into three key stages:

1) Choosing the cocktail list

We offer a number of set menus, based around two spirits, two or three liqueurs and a few mixers. The advantages of choosing a set menu are that all the ingredients can be sourced from a decent supermarket or local off licence. Another advantage is that it helps to reduce the amount of stock left over after an event, and the shared spirit bases also help to avoid a situation in which one cocktail is more popular than others, and the stock runs out before the end of service. Our set menus can be downloaded here.

We also offer a free cocktail consultation service. We’re often asked to match cocktails to the food menu or the theme of the event, be it specific colour for a wedding, Eighties night or a Prohibition themed jazz party. This is always an enjoyable process as it allows us to pore through our cocktail database and, on occasion, design new cocktails if required. For this reason we also provide cocktail bartenders with an appropriate background to match the event, from exhibition flair bartenders capable of performing set routines and providing a focal point of the event, to discreet and polished staff with extensive experience in private member’s clubs and Michelin starred restaurants.

2) Your shopping list

Once the cocktail menu is confirmed, the next stage is to draw up a shopping list for the event. Whereas we are more than happy to quote for the provision of stock as part of the private event cocktail bartender service, most clients prefer to do the shopping themselves as it allows them to buy their preferred brands and take advantage of any promotions at the supermarket. If a client has any queries or issues during the buying process then we are on hand to provide guidance on preferred suppliers and help make the purchasing of all the stock as straightforward as doing the weekly shopping!

3) The event

Before the event we’ll design you a cocktail menu, so your guests can see what’s being served. On the night itself, our cocktail bartender will turn up smartly dressed and with all the specialist bartending equipment required to make superb cocktails. All we require in addition to the requested stock is a sturdy table. Mobile bars can also be provided if necessary, but a once a standard table has a cloth on it and all the cocktail ingredients and equipment laid it creates a great impression.

If you would prefer a bespoke service to match your requirements, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak with one of our team. We are always happy to provide quotes and ‘spiritual advice’ when required!

Please email us on or use the form on our contact us page for a free quote.