Bartenders Inc

Mobile Bar Hire

Bartenders Inc can deliver and install a fantastic mobile bar for your event. Our bar system allows us to build a bar from 1.2 metres up to 30 metres long and we use a high quality bar system – ours is made of aluminium, and has been designed and built by specialists. We can install shorter lengths in under half an hour and it’s modular, allowing us to bring it into your venue with minimal disruption. It incorporates a LED lighting system and was used extensively in the VIP areas for the London Olympics. Just ask us to add a quote for it when you contact us.

More information on our Mobile Bar hire can be found on our dedicated bar hire site:

We update our twitter account with the latest bars we’ve installed:

High quality mobile bar hire

If you'd like to hire our mobile bar system in addition to our high quality cocktail bartenders, please mention it when you contact us. We will deliver, install and collect the bar anywhere in London, Surrey and the surrounding area.

Our mobile bar system

Above is a video from our mobile bar supplier showing how easily our system goes together. As is breaks down into component pieces we can install it into any venue and you can choose bar length. We can install 1.2 metre, 2.4 metre, 3.6 metre and upwards.